In fact, the hashtag #thisisnotasnowboard was used specifically to differentiate our product from the usual snowboard, which was without foil and without p-tex, only 2/3 layers of marine plywood glued with resin and layers of fiberglass.

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Back in 2017, with great satisfaction, PLP Custom Snowboard won the “Vibram Factory best product of the year” award at the Milano Montagna Festival with the POWDZO 210 prototype designed with Ettore Personnettaz, National Instructor and Snowboard and Telemark Master and also qualified for the disabled.

The snowboard that won the prestigious Vibram Factory award is the Powdzo 210 model, a board with an asymmetrical shape in which the frontside and backside are not mirrored with respect to the longitudinal axis as for a normal snowboard.
The backside, that of the heels is shorter with a tighter curve radius as from a biomechanical point of view it is easier to curve on the forefoot.
The frontside side, that of the toes, is longer and with a greater distance between the foot and the edge of the board, this to allow to prolong the sensation of support during the turn in fresh snow.
The surface of the board is almost double that of a traditional snowboard, a real “snow surf” that allows it to float and stay fast even on not too steep slopes and above all in particularly powdery and light snow conditions.

Ettore Personnettaz

Some of our most famous prototype snowboards are the following

prototipo raven tail

Raven Tail:
Summons the tail of a raven

prototipo unicorn tail

Unicorn Tail:
reminiscent of the head of a magical unicorn

prototipo crab tail

Crab Tail:
its shape is inspired by the crab claw

Il flusso di progettazione di PLP parte da un disegno primordiale che si concretizza nella costruzione di uno snowboard prototipo che viene testato da vari esperti. Solo dopo avere provato la nuova creatura sulla neve e apportando, se necessario, i consigli dei vari Beta Tester, rilasciamo la tavola da mettere in vendita e offrire sul mercato dello snowboard mondiale.

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