Fluid Love 158


The concept of the evolution of freeride snowboarding has given life to this incredible hybrid! Twin directional shape with freeride spirit! Buy it now on the website!

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A snowboard suitable for every type of situation

Pure Freestyle all-mountain all-snow
Freestyle on all types of terrain and on freshly fallen powder.
Easy to handle and suitable for freestyle anytime and anywhere, this snowboard has great stability on hard snow and is capable of safe landings in fresh snow.

A snowboard born from the imagination of freedom

The directional twin shape enjoys extraordinary resistance to stress combined with an extremely reactive flex.

Longitudinal twist that allows more control in tricks.

With its super reactive flex and classic camber, the result is a board suitable for any situation, on any winter day: solid carving on the beaten track, shred around, passages in the park, but above all and obviously big lines & fat drops!

The advantages of the FLUID LOVE 158 are the following:

  • Pure Freestyle all-mountain all-snow
  • great stability on hard snow and safe landings in fresh snow
  • perfect combination of easy handling and versatility

The result is a feeling of extreme poise and balance in every situation.

The concept of the evolution of the freeride snowboard gave life to this incredible half-breed!

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