PLP Custom Handcrafted Snowboard - Model: Phenix prototype 182 - Rider Francesco Napoli - Location: La Grave La Meije


Our snowboards are unique objects made by hand with a completely artisanal and “made in Italy” process, from the cutting of the core to the finishing of the board.

Graphics are created by:

  • Ettore PLP  “OLD STYLE ORIENTED” inspired by the longboards and swallowtails of the past, in fact it has a large collection of swallowtails
  • Matteo Zilla aka PULCE DESIGN, imaginative illustrator, with a “lysergic dream” style

The staff who work in our company is made up of 100% snowboarders, technical developments are improved by our BETA TESTER, professional freeriders and freestylers.

Our boards are unique pieces made by hand with “made in Italy” materials and reach higher quality levels than any industrially made product.

You can choose to create your own Custom customized. Design, with our technical support, the board of your dreams choosing colours, graphic designs, finishes and shapes.

We develop our Prototypes  with CAD-CAM systems and make them by hand in Italy, using the best materials.

The bases, edges and sides, produced by the most renowned companies in the sector, ensure great durability over time.

We use numerical control machines, which guarantee precision and quality in every single piece: the snowboards are assembled by hand inside our molds according to the patterns of the classic and robust Sandwich construction.

Regardless of the production time, molding takes place at the ideal times and temperatures for the best catalysis of the resins, thus avoiding excessive heating of the materials, both in the molding phase and in the finishing phase .

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